Monday, June 20, 2011

Sarah, a Sad Tail!

I have several kind emails, calls and txts regarding the demise of Sarah.  There IS talk of offering a REWARD to locate the perpetrater of the crime....this person left the accident....which is a crime and possible other things too.  Anyway, please contact me for more info on this and I will direct you to the appropriate contact persons once that gets established.  The Two Mile High Club of Cripple Creek has been busy with the 80th Annual Donkey Derby Days event, which was a huge success, oh my god so many people so many sunburns LOL However, once Tom Cooper, Steve Zoellner, Bill Loop et all get a breather they will certainly address this matter.
In the meantime, here is a nice drawing offered by some of our followers:
Courtesy Cathy Cochrane and Sherry Snowden

Good bye Sarah, she was a sweet old donkey.

I am saddened to report that Sarah, one of our beloved Cripple Creek Donkeys, died last week.  Apparentely she was hit by a vehicle, there was reported to be extremely severe trauma to her head, neck, broken ribs and internal injuries.  She laid down beside a tree in one of the parks she called home and died. 

We are disturbed that no one has come forth to claim being the person who did this.  Trust me, there IS a vehicle in the area with some extensive damage to its body, probably the front end, as to hit and cause this amount of damage to a donkey someone would have to be going pretty fast on the City Streets.

Its a terribly painful way for a donkey to die.  We are all sad about the event, and know that the possibility exists with the donkeys roaming free in town, but this is the first in many years that this has occurred. 

Please, be respectful.  There ain't nothing worth going that fast. 

The 80th Donkey Derby Days festival is this weekend, I am sure we will have a remembrance in honor of Sarah.  Be sure to attend, toss a dollar in the Donkey Donation Bucket, and say Thank You to Tom Cooper and his VOLUNTEERS for working their donkey butts off to present this event for all of us. I know I can't say it enough.

For those of you interested in helping with the Donkeys, you are always welcome!

God Bless the Donkeys,
Carrie N Miller
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doctorin' The Donkeys

Spring! Up here in the High Country Springtime brings a lot of things! One of these "things" is a visit from our local Veterinarian Shannon from Divide to help the club vaccinate, worm and give the herd a "once over" to list any general health issues inherent with our 4 legged friends.

Here's Hershey, one of our new members, first in line for his checkup!

Several members of the Two Mile High Club of Cripple Creek gathered on a nice Monday afternoon to capture the herd and shuffle them through a series of inspections by Shannon. Poking and prodding her way through the herd we managed to get the Spring Inspections and Vaccinations accomplished with a minimum of wrestling and no damage, at least that I know of! I was just there observing and taking photos, Tom Cooper, Bill Loop, Guy Henninger, Clinton Cline and Shannon Lemmons, veterinarian, managed the heavy lifting while Nancy Loop scribed details on each donkey as they rolled through the lineup! Thanks to All for the Help!

Shannon, vet; Bill Loop; left, "Crack Donkey Wrangler" and Tom "Scoop" Cooper, Leader of our Pack (2 Mile High Club) in the back looking for the exit! (We'll talk about the "Scoop" part later!)

Here's Bill and Clint haltering 'Shamus', one of the more mischevious of our herd and Leader of the Pack before his checkup.

Here's Shamus snubbed to the post as he reluctanly allows Shannon to check to see if he has a heartbeat.
He got numer 10, as you can see on his side. Since the club members are new and unfamiliar with the names of each individual donkey, we painted numbers on their sides to make identification easier, and matched photos and numbers with names. It painless and washes off way too soon, I still don't know if I will be able to remember anyone but the more notarious, such as Tarzan, Hershey, Shamus and Sarah, ummmmmmmm maybe!

Don, doing his job as Gate Guard!

Here's a pair getting a checkup!

Another pair waiting their turn! Don't they look enthusiastic?

Shannon displays a tooth pulled from Jennie that needed to come out of the 20 year old jenny's mouth!

Two by Two they came into the catch pen, each one getting checked for teeth, hoof issues and heartbeats. Each donkey received their spring vaccinations against Eastern and Western Encephelitis (sp sorry) flu, West Nile as well as worming with Ivermectin. These are things that help to keep the herd free of nasty bugs that could possibly kill them. Each one got their weight (ahem) evaluated, and we have a good record of everyones weight, teeth (some need work) and general condition.

Then, with a leap and a buck, Shamus left the doctoring area at a run to join his buddies that had abandoned him to get as far away from the vet, the wranglers and anything sharp as fast as possible!
Thanks again to everyone that rolled out to help keep the donkeys in tip top shape for the upcoming summer!
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meet the Herd

Last summer we sent these photos over to Cresson Elementary School for the kids to come up with names for our herd! I think they did a great job! I still don't know who is who just yet, but will work on getting more familiar with them in the future. Sarah, here, is a sweet little Jenny with the dark coat and the white/cream markings around her ears, eyes, nose and belly. She also has the cross over her wither.

Dusty, below, is a lighter brown boy and he too, carries the cross over his withers.

See how much lighter Jenny looks. Doesn't she have a sweet face?

I think this is the cutest name of the herd, Herbie!

Coco has a neat white blaze on his face....

Scout is a darker color.

There's a couple missing, Shamus, the herd leader and boss of all he surveys is not here. He is a white donkey. Tarzan & Hershey, the two new members are also not on this page. But check back, I will see if I can update with new info soon!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

New Donkeys for the Herd!

The Two Mile High Club, which is Cripple Creek's version of a Chamber of Commerce, of sorts, owns and handles a group of local dignitaries rumoured to be descendants of the donkeys of the mining days of yore. Every once in awhile the club thinks that there needs to be new blood brought in to the dignitary circle, and sometimes the little girls are sent out for breeding, sometimes outside donkeys are brought in. Such is the case of Tarzan and Hershey. These boys were pulled off a meat wagon headed for a Mexican Meat Packing Plant when they were 6 months old. Since then, they have traveled from rescue operation to rescue operation around Colorado until now, at 3 years old, they have possibly found a permanent home in the dignified position as Local Dignatarie of Cripple Creek, with the Honored Title of Revered Asses of Cripple Creek.

So, I got to roll out to the booming town of Sanford, just outside of La Jara, Colorado, 'way down in the beautiful and vast San Luis Valley, where Tarzan and Hershey caught a ride from their most recent digs at Cortez, near the 4 Corners area of the State. I took my kids, and we found the boys relaxing in a small pen, gathered them up and loaded them in my rig and rolled home.
Saw a hugh herd of Antelope in the South Park Basin

Heres Tarzan, Left, and Hershey, right. First meeting!

Heading for the trailer to a new home!

Lining them out to load......

Taking that first good look at the new transport.....we gave them a minute to check things out and figure out it was ok, and they hopped right in!

Here is their new home for the time being. This is the Donkey Barn in Cripple Creek.

Good close up of Hershey.

Tarzan takes a load off.

Ahhhh doesn't that look wonderful?

Stay tuned for updates to this blog. I will eventually get photos of each of the current herd with a brief bio too. There are 9 other members, and each have a distinct personality.
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